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Learn to scuba dive

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After your try dive the next step towards becoming a qualified scuba diver is to join the club and BSAC then you’ll be able to start on the Ocean Diver course.

You’ll master the basic skills during a minimum of five pool sessions but, if needed, there’s plenty of extra time available to practice and become fully confident in your abilities before moving into open water, still as always, under the careful supervision of our instructors.

Open water training takes place in our local lakes or, later on, in the sea and many of the trips we arrange are specifically for trainee Ocean Divers and it’ll be great if you can join us; the more you join in the quicker you’ll qualify and the more fun you’ll have!

The practical training is backed up by six online classroom modules to ensure you have all the knowledge you need.

All training is carried out by qualified instructors usually on a one to one basis, this allows everyone to progress at their own pace and fully develop the skills needed to become a safe and competent diver with none of the peer pressure associated with group tuition.

As you progress through your training you’ll be encouraged to purchase your own equipment and club members will be happy to give you all the help and advice you’ll need to select the right type of equipment for you.

On completion of the Ocean Diver course you’ll receive an internationally recognised qualification and be ready to dive safely all over the world.

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